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It's good to finally see all of this put together at last. We've been through a lot of trouble finishing this, and watching the pay-off made every second of wait well worth it.

I demand a second service of that delicious, scrumptuous dinner, please.

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Thanks for the mention. It means a lot.

Doing the whole Flash Flood back in 2010 really was an ordeal. I dunno how I even managed to pull through while keeping the quality to a certain standard.

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Try playing the game with a graphic tablet for extra mobility.

If I have any suggestions to give you, I'd say let the game remember your best scores in each stage after you leave it, so you have something to sumbit if you play through it in several sessions. And also, keep track of wether you managed to grab the green agent or not in each stage. Add an "All green agents" achievement medal and you'll have a winner.

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RatherRandomReality responds:

Good suggestions. The reason the game erases your score if you leave or submit was to prevent you from submitting and resubmitting many times. However, it seems that the NG highscore tables only keep your best score and if you submit a new one it erases your old (worse) score. Therefore there is no need to worry about resubmitting. So I'll see what I can do.

FrankClock sucks at everything

This is what this amazing game taught me. Great joke you made there, man. :)

Truly the work of your king, StrawberryClock

I knew you were a good programmer, as you succesfully managed to do a remake of Tetris in Flash a long time ago, but this really displays your skill. Eventhough it's a very basic beat-em up, and has its share of flaws, it certainly shows what a great way you've come over those ten years. Surely you will meet greater success than you can ever imagine down the road.

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It's a Rito

You know, those bird-like people who live on Dragon Roost Island, in the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I'm believing that's where you got your inspiration for this piece. Nice colors and composition. He's a little narrow at the shoulders, but desides that slight detail, you've got the facial anatomy (beak put aside) down pat.

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