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Entry #2

Happy Clock Day to you

2010-08-15 12:29:30 by LotusClock

I'm happy to finally have a solid movie to present for Clock Day, after four years of being a lazy-ass Clock. It turned out pretty good, and I'm happy of the reactions I had. I'm still a bit upset that Newgrounds's icon upload script is broken. I try to upload my 140x90 icon, but the Submit button doesn't react whatsoever, and I can't access the 48x48 icon upload page either. This bothers me to no end because I might have a change for frontpage if it wasn't for that minor glitch. :(

Oh well, I certainly hope you folks have a nice Clock Day and take the time to check out all the movies by our good people. Have fun and vote 5 everywhere.

(Update. A helpful mod contacted me and told me what went wrong with the icon edit page. Apparently, my browser couldn't handle the coding. Thank you reverend. And thanks to the other anonymous mod who helpfully uploaded an icon for me. Hopefully, I won't encounter any problems with the icon upload script in the future.)


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2010-08-15 12:38:21

Herpe derp day.


2011-08-15 20:32:20

so safe


2011-08-16 03:19:56

you can run around anywhere on my body. so small and dainty...


2012-08-15 00:07:38

happy clock day