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Finally done with the Flash Flood.

2010-02-01 14:39:05 by LotusClock

Those who have been on Newgrounds a lot throughout the month already noticed it, but last month, I took on a challenge issued by the Clock Crew to do as many flash movies as possible for the Portal, as a happy new year gift to Newgrounds from the Clocks. I made it a personnal challenge to make one flash every day of the month, no matter what happens. Result, I succesfully made 31 Flashes for all 31 days of January (or "Janurary" as I named my submissions, so I could tell them apart)

Some days went very well, and I made quite remarkable movies. Other days... meh. In the long run, inspiration runs dry faster than one would imagine, and sometimes I used last resort desesperate moves, like pointless loops or cheap trolling movies.

In the end, I had a lot of fun seeing how people reacted, was surprised to be mentionned in the daily top 10 a few times (especially my 30th movie. 2nd place? You guys are nuts) and I learned a lot about Flash in the few hours I had to make each movie every day.

Many thanks to the Clock Crew, for all its support and source of inspiration. Also, very special thanks to BiZZaRoTomFulp, who promoted me on the frontpage Artist news after I made a movie as response to his challenge.

I'll now return to my usual lazy life schedule. Might dare to open Flash again once the screeching voices in my head I hear when I even -think- of the Flash logo finally shut up.

I hope you guys have an enjoyable life on the Portal, and remember that the Clock Crew is always here to brighten your day when it's completely flat and devoid in emotions.


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2010-02-01 14:44:02



2010-02-01 15:56:30

It's been a while since you made a real flash


2010-02-01 18:16:46

Do you think you deserved only one award? They were pretty medium-quality flashes.

LotusClock responds:

I wasn't expecting any awards, so that's why the one I got came as a total surprise. Keep in mind that I had a one-day time limit for all 31 of those. One day really isn't much time to even get close to medium quality.


2010-02-01 19:07:23

You, sir, are awesome. And you've got guts.

I expect STUFF from you.

Some other time.

LotusClock responds:

Some other time, yeah. Right now I need to recover from the ordeal I just went through.


2010-02-01 19:25:51

can I be your pocket buddy

LotusClock responds:

Sure. :D


2010-02-01 20:00:20



2010-02-02 00:59:50

It is I who should be thanking you for 31 days of fine entertainment. You achieved something monumental this past month and you should be pretty fucking proud of yourself.

I never really gave the CC too much attention or credit until now. You guys have gained a new fan... and maybe.. possibly.. even.. a new member.. ;)

LotusClock responds:

Feel free to join any time. Just register to our forum so you can keep track of our activities and movies we make. Keep in mind it's an internet forum like any others an, like any others, drama can ensue pretty fast. But it's still a fun place to hang out.