2012 Submissions

A Journey to the Portal A Journey to the Portal Rated Stars A retelling of StrawberryClock's pilgrimage to Newgrounds that made him a king. Music Video Psyduck's quest for love2 Psyduck's quest for love2 Rated Stars Psyduck's quest continues as she discovers her mysterious admirer. Drama Janurary Thirtieth 2010 Janurary Thirtieth 2010 Rated Stars Lazydoctor has his own show, and today he operates a new patient. Comedy - Original Janurary TwentyNinth 2010 Janurary TwentyNinth 2010 Rated Stars RobClock robs. lol Comedy - Original Janurary TwentyEighth2010 Janurary TwentyEighth2010 Rated Stars ALL FLASH AND NO SLEEP MAKE LOTUS A DULL BOY Other Janurary TwentySevnth2010 Janurary TwentySevnth2010 Rated Stars Witness the Clock Crew's favourite extreme sport: winter baseball. Action Janurary TwentySixth 2010 Janurary TwentySixth 2010 Rated Stars I show you the drawings I made yesterday at my art club. Other Janurary TwentyFifth 2010 Janurary TwentyFifth 2010 Rated Stars Tonight I'm gone for the evening. Watch to find out where. Informative Janurary TwentyFourth2010 Janurary TwentyFourth2010 Rated Stars Responding to a challenge issued by a Newgrounds user. Comedy - Original Janurary TwentyThird 2010 Janurary TwentyThird 2010 Rated Stars Team F.A.P.S. has been dispatched to slay a huge dragon. Comedy - Original Janurary TwentySecond2010 Janurary TwentySecond2010 Rated Stars Is the glass stronger than the knife? Other Janurary TwentyFirst 2010 Janurary TwentyFirst 2010 Rated Stars PinClock's new invention. Whatever... Other Janurary Twentieth 2010 Janurary Twentieth 2010 Rated Stars AsshatClock does a beautiful dance Experimental Janurary Nineteenth 2010 Janurary Nineteenth 2010 Rated Stars PinClock climbs the Mountain of No Reason Other Janurary Eighteenth 2010 Janurary Eighteenth 2010 Rated Stars Olskoo tells us about his dream. Let's make a holiday of it. Informative Janurary Seventeenth 2010 Janurary Seventeenth 2010 Rated Stars StrawberryClock puts up a magic show, but an uninvited guest appears. Comedy - Original Janurary Sixteenth 2010 Janurary Sixteenth 2010 Rated Stars The true tale of SwirlberryClock's overreactive art teacher. Drama Psyduck's quest for love Psyduck's quest for love Rated Stars A lonely psyduck follows a trail of love messages, hoping to find her true love. Drama Janurary Fourteenth 2010 Janurary Fourteenth 2010 Rated Stars The Clock Crew plots to take over Newgrounds again. Comedy - Original Janurary Thirteenth 2010 Janurary Thirteenth 2010 Rated Stars A new Clock recruit discovers there's more to being a Clock than the name. Comedy - Original Janurary Twelvth 2010 Janurary Twelvth 2010 Rated Stars An advertisement for the new Psycho Glue Other Janurary Eleventh 2010 Janurary Eleventh 2010 Rated Stars Rejoice kids! Rocket Cow will save us all! Comedy - Original Janurary Tenth 2010 Janurary Tenth 2010 Rated Stars A new twist on a popular Clock Crew forum signature fad. Other Janurary Eighth 2010 Janurary Eighth 2010 Rated Stars A tragic Clock Crew event, retold through a traditionnal french folk song. Comedy - Parody Janurary Seventh 2010 Janurary Seventh 2010 Rated Stars My reaction to a problem I encountered while using the buggy mess that is Flash. Other Janurary Sixth 2010 Janurary Sixth 2010 Rated Stars StrawberryClock and BananaLock fight Action Janurary Fifth 2010 Janurary Fifth 2010 Rated Stars Jeff Goldblum tries out his teleporter. Stupidity ensues. Comedy - Parody Janurary Fourth 2010 Janurary Fourth 2010 Rated Stars LotusClock goes to buy food for his peggey. Crazy antics ensue. Comedy - Original Tomffrey 2: Gangland Tomffrey 2: Gangland Rated Stars A story about two men... one bond. As they go deeper undercover into ganglife can they... Action Janurary Third 2010 Janurary Third 2010 Rated Stars Join this exciting adrenaline pumping outer space adventure in search for the Red Planet. Experimental Tabasco Clock Interviews Tabasco Clock Interviews Rated Stars Tabasco Clock interviews a member of the NG BBS Comedy - Parody Janurary Second 2010 Janurary Second 2010 Rated Stars A beautiful love story between a boy and his cat Drama Janurary First 2010 Janurary First 2010 Rated Stars The Clock Crew wishes you a super duper happy year 2010 Other

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